What is Mindfulness?

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Mindfulness is a fairly new (15+ years) buzzword in our language.  It points to the sensory awareness as what is appearing presently. Mindfulness is another name or label for observing or noticing the pure seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, and hearing that arises, without the commentary or overlay of opinions or descriptions from brain/mind, which I refer to on this site as the split-mind.

The sensory inputs of the body will always be a more wise, accurate, and authentic impression of what is than any thoughts, beliefs, or facts conjured by the split-mind.

For example, being conscious of hearing is not the same as pure hearing, or hearing as consciousness. When we’re hearing we may be aware of hearing but we’re likely thinking about many other things at the same time. We may watching TV, talking, or reading as well. We may be only marginally aware of the physical sensations of hearing and even less aware of what is appearing now.

Mindfulness is a wonderful tool for noticing/observing the textures, colors, and feelings of what is present – presence. Initially, we may be overwhelmed at how we are living in our heads, totally asleep to the aliveness of presence.

Paradoxically, it seems more logical to refer to mindfulness as mind-less-ness since we are tuning in to what is appearing as sensory experiences and ignoring the endless stories, lies, and useless trash spewed forth from the the split-mind.  

Mind-less-ness or mindfulness, whichever label you prefer, is simply noticing the raw perceptions and sensory inputs of the sense organs…noticing and accepting what is, as consciousness appearing, without bias or judgments, opinions, and conceptual overlays of beliefs and convictions from the split-mind.


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