Through the Lens

I am a living breathing camera.

This website shares my writings, teachings, and photography for perceiving life as a unicity, a seamless, edgeless, infinite intelligence that is beyond the comprehension of the human mind.  This philosophy is referred to as nondualism or as Advaita.


An ancient and famous old guy (Socrates) reportedly said an unexamined life is not worth living. Certainly, no truer words were ever whispered on a deathbed.

I know we must first look directly at the lens of our perceiving, our perception, since it informs and colors the light we see/perceive with our eyes. This understanding is the ultimate gift of the camera, but only when we are open, vulnerable, and ready to receive this wisdom.

For instance, just like a camera, the light entering our eyes has no labels, meanings, or descriptions until our brains apply a conceptual overlay upon the images of light.

Our brains process, catalog, measure, and judge every glimmer of raw and pure light entering our eyes and creates labels and meanings to collect a story of our life. This habitual action of the brain happens so instantly and easily that we do not usually notice or investigate this elaborate filing system (memory) in the brain.

And we mistakenly believe consciousness to be personal to “us” to a “me” since it feels as though consciousness originates or is located within the center of the body/brain. But this is not so. Science has demonstrated, beyond a shadow of any doubt, the folly of believing we are separate beings.

Quantum physics clearly shows us there is only consciousness and it is not personal nor limited, nor can it be located to a specific GPS location, even though it often feels this way. The brain will argue otherwise, since the brain’s main task is to claim a personal ownership of consciousness and claim what is appearing each moment as happening to a me.

This is my philosophy in a nutshell–I am simply consciousness appearing as the sensory lens or camera labeled Anita. I am extremely introverted, highly sensitive, and most comfortable alone, away from people, reading, writing, or behind the lens of a camera…so naturally I use images and writings to share these sensory perceptions.

You are may or may not be asking these deeper questions of identity and philosophy. No worries. If you are pulled towards this path of inner exploration you will eventually feel it in your bones.

So enjoy expressing the perfectly embodied light you are refracting now… and please be kind and loving.


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