You are Stillness…

Your True Nature is stillness…infinite, edgeless, timeless perfection so vast and sacred it cannot be named nor understood.

Likely, you will not believe these words nor readily perceive the impersonal awareness you already are until Grace saturates your heart and burns through your conceptual and relative brain/mind. In the ashes nothing matters nor remains...perhaps only as an edgeless inky stillness, and even these words are too many.  

Such is the mystery of Grace. 

Grotto Waterfall at Juniper Level Botanic Garden

I died traversing the tremulous Dark Night of the Soul when something akin to a mysterious Grace ignited a torch and burned to ashes all the beliefs and concepts of being a personal self, an Anita, a separate self.

I then saw directly that I, too, am infinite and timeless stillness appearing as the Anita character in a dreamscape we call life or reality…the world as it appears.

Dying to the personal self is unusual and not often shared since it’s perceived as impossible to the relative brain/mind. Have you ever met anyone who indicated the separate self is an illusion projected by the brain/mind? It’s too much of a paradox for the mind to comprehend.

As humans we are taught to see and perceive in a relative way by well-meaning parents, teachers, and society. Our spoken and written languages are relative. Toddlers, young children, and animals experience life as unicity…curiously, openly, timelessly, selflessly, simply.

You will likely not believe me, but I am here to say you are already that which you are seeking. True nature flows so intimately as beingness, as sensory perception, that you simply do not perceive it, preferring to believe the thought-stream interpreted by the brain/mind.

If you are interested in Truth, at all costs, the teachings and nondual philosophy offered on this website may be disturbing. I refer to the ancient teachings of the Tao, Wu Hsin, the Upanishads, Buddha, and Jesus the Christ..all pointing towards the illusory nature of a separate self in an illusory world created and projected by the brain/mind. These teachings burned me as a character to the core and changed my persectives and perceptions.

Gazebo at the west Woodland Garden at Juniper Level Botanic Garden

If you are deeply committed to perceiving Truth and are inclined to join me for a retreat, a class or two, or if you want to quietly explore the nature of beingness, you are welcome here (by appointment) and will enjoy the beautiful and healing gardens…a perfect venue for exploring the true nature of beingness and noticing this aware presence…what is.

Email me if you have questions and I’ll point you towards what is seeing through your eyes.

Love and hugs,

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