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Anita at Juniper Level Botanic Garden

You are already that which you are seeking….how many times have you heard these words and shook your head in disbelief? What you are is already present, here, now, as this aware presence.

If you are new to the perspectives and teachings of nonduality, dip your toes in the water with these introductory articles:

What is Nonduality?

What is Absolute?

You are Stillness…

I’m here to guide you towards noticing the pure presence you already are and help you see how the mind keeps you believing you are a separate being.

A Christian pilgrim for more than 40 years, these writings reflect the paradoxical nondual teachings of Jesus the Christ, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Wu Hsin. Our True Nature appears so effortlessly and intimately as beingness we simply overlook this Divinity…believing instead the appearance of a world of subjects and objects projected by the mind with us at the center as the perceiver.

The identity of the Anita character was shattered by Grace in 2011. Surrendered and seeing beyond the relative mind, I point towards the perceptions, thoughts, and beliefs your relative and dualistic mind uses to keep you believing you are a separate self where a separate self has ever existed.

west-grotto-waterfall-2There is no goal or endpoint here, no prize for uncovering what you already are. There is no suggested path to follow, no higher levels of spirituality to attain, no enlightenment or special guru status, no attempts to be a better human, or to polish the self (or terd) as Richard Rose, Bart Marshall, and engineers everywhere remind us.

For those committed to seeing truth, an inner light dawns that there is simply surrendering, softening, inquiring and leaning in to what is here, now, appearing as this, as consciousness, as perfection, as peace, equaminity.

All are welcome…These botanic gardens are the perfect venue for exploring the true nature of being and noticing this aware presence. I offer friendship and guidance for those deeply questioning a personal identity and I point towards the true nature of being through the creative, healing, and meditative tools of self-inquiry, poetry, community, and silence.



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  1. I love your posts. I “get” all this intellectually, but still thoughts trap me into a sense of separation. Over and over again ……

    • Thanks for your comment. I love you. As you already see…you are not the thoughts and feelings that come and go…you are the infinite edgeless stillness, the indescribable void upon which the thoughts come and go…simply ignore the thoughts and stay with the aliveness you are. Thoughts will pass through as long as you are conscious…that’s what thoughts do…accept them and ignore them. Hey, most of the latest TIG videos are up…take a look! Click here for 2016 TIG videos on YouTube

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