Meet Anita and Jenny

Satsangs and retreats at Mindfulness and Nonduality are facilitated by Jenny and Anita.


Jenny joined the Self Inquiry Group (now the Triangle Inquiry Group) in Raleigh in 2009 after many years of spiritual seeking and trying to find ‘herself’. Through the help of the teachings and power of the Self Inquiry community, Bart Marshall, Deborah Westmoreland, and, of course, the All That Is, Jenny realized Truth. And, of course, ‘Jenny’ didn’t do anything.

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After taking early retirement in 2015 due to a back injury, Jenny now enjoys playing with her grandchildren, creative art, drawing love Zentangles, writing (or more like musing), reading, watching birds, film, and mostly just living.

Jenny loves to be asked “Is love stronger than pain?” – and her answer is always a resounding YES! She feels she has a unique gift to share in that she has experienced many years of daily chronic pain and knows first hand the power that truth, beauty, and goodness provides.




Anita identified as a Christian pilgrim until she found the Self Inquiry Group and perception shifted in 2011 uncovering what is appearing as anita – only impersonal consciousness.  Yet nothing really changed…anita was, is, a character, appearing as consciousness, in a relative dream of separation.

Anita lives at Juniper Level Botanic Garden with husband Tony and their four garden cats. She and Tony established Mindfulness and Nonduality at Juniper Level Botanic Garden in 2013 to offer these nondual teachings in the stillness and beauty of their gardens.  

Anita, a master of introversion, shares the wisdom of mindfulness and nonduality and enjoys photography, reading, and being Mom and Granny to three adult children and a grandchild. Read Anita’s story here…and if you’re heading down the rabbit hole, the longer version of the story is here.



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