Listed below are links, in no particular order, to friends, teachers, topics, and art of an authentic, inspiring, educational and/or entertaining nature.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at Duke Integrative Medicine

University of Massachusetts Medical Center – History of MBSR

Body, Mind, Brain Science

Triangle Inquiry Group

Bart Marshall – Spiritual Teachers

Bob Cergol – Spiritual Teachers

Jenny Clarke  

Jan Frazier Teachings

Paul Hedderman – Zen Bitch Slap

David Scoma – Just Perception

Art Ticknor – Self-Discovery Portal

Richard Rose – TAT Foundation

Dr. David Eagleman

Bob Seal’s NonDuality Cartoons – his cartoons are noted with his name.

Carlos Gotay Photography  – his art on this website is noted with his name.

Tomasz Alen Kopera  – his art on this website is noted with his name.



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