Inquiry – Archetypes

Humans, believing themselves to be separate beings, begin collecting stories about themselves because they believe what others tell them they are and they believe the thoughts passing through the mind are personal thoughts.

All this collecting…of stories and beliefs establishes or develops illusory personas, egos, and archetypes animating the traits and propensities humans take themselves to be.  Humans mistake the personality traits to be specific to a “me” or a “you” when none has ever existed.  All quirks, and propensities, and attributes are simply the appearances of what is expressing…only this perfect dreamscape we call reality.

Below are a few of the many thousands of archetypes and egos making up the illusory collective story of what humans take themselves to be.  It is also interesting to notice these egos and archetypes at play in spiritual and nonduality teachers too, especially if these teachers still believe themselves to be separate beings or they are still holding on to the concepts of time, eternity, and space.


Just for the heck of it….see if any or all of these archetypes makes an appearance…and when you notice them, take them into inquiry and see what beliefs glue them together.  This exercise helped me to untangle all the egos and archetypes that formed the Anita character 😉

Security:   Pioneer,  Protector, Warrior,  Bully,  Instigator

Resources:   Entrepreneur, Banker, Broker

Information:   Teacher, Student, Journalist, Neighbor, Reporter, Blogger, Scribe

Family:   Parent, Child, Adolescent, Mother, Father, Sibling, Black Sheep

Self-expressing:   Actor, Coach, Musician, Artist, Athlete, Fashionista, Girlfriend, Prince

Daily Routines:   Servant, Craftsman, Worker, Addict, Perfectionist, Slave, Hedonist

Relating:   Wife, Husband, Partner, Associate

Behind Closed Doors:   Lover, Prostitute, Gigolo, Seductress, Surgeon, Shaman, Astrologer

Spirituality:   Preacher, Philosopher, Sinner, Seeker, Guru, Saint, Politician, Judge

Career:   Boss, Executive, Leader, Owner

Tribe:    Friend, Peer, Innovator, Individualist, Hero

Death:   Warden, Hermit, Grim Reaper, Healer, Mystic


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