Glimpsing Summer


We’re in the midst of a winter storm in Raleigh so I’m posting a few images of our gardens in summer for those feeling the winter chills and seeing the icy and snowy displays of nature…


The fertile energy of winter is deeply hidden under the frozen soil and crunchy blanket of mulch yet I perceive a vibrating and palpable aliveness as I walk the winter gardens.  Miraculously, these beautiful colors, shapes, textures and scents are swirling as possibilities within the infinite matrix of vast edgeless stillness…yet appearing timelessly in the gardens after winter thaws…


Bundle up if you’re dwelling in a cold climate and go outside and listen… deeply…quietly…openly… noticing, perceiving, and feeling the humming of aliveness as the ground, aliveness flowing as blood within the body’s veins, pulsing aliveness as loving infinite heart.







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