One without a two…only consciousness appearing as a relative dreamscape.

Mindfulness and Nonduality offers occasional heart-centered retreats, classes, and satsangs to examine the beliefs, concepts, and habits leading to the misperception of a personal identity.

Mindfulness and Nonduality offers a place of refuge, a sense of community, and unconditional love to weary pilgrims longing to uncover the identity of what is appearing as consciousness by inquiring and peeling away the beliefs in a personal or separate self.

Satsang is a Sanskrit word describing a loving, supportive, and casual gathering of dear friends, old and new, to notice the nature of what simply is…to see life as a curious toddler sees…as impersonal consciousness…without adding concepts and beliefs to what is.

Satsangs in the gardens are offered freely and retreats are offered at a minimal fee to cover out of town speakers’ travel and lodging expenses.

Registration for first time attendees is requested and space is limited. Register by phone: 919.772.4794 (Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm EST) or by email at

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