DSC_4222Aloneness is palpable. Never has a person existed…only the brain’s seductive programming on the mind’s hard drive projecting people living in a tangible, relative, reality.

And yet this perfect aloneness cannot be described. There is not an inkling of loneliness, despair, or gloom.

Quite the contrary.

This mind-bending paradox is easier to grasp using pointers like this image of a succulent in our garden. The unusual, the paradoxical, and the unexpected come closest to pointing toward what is overlooked yet appearing.

It’s like the sweetest fragile beauty dancing within piercing thorns, and yet neither could exist…only an appearance of an idea skimming across the mind and claimed as real and true.  Ha!

This is….what is…and it feels suspended as an endless breath…never inhaling nor exhaling. Stretching ideas and concepts over a pretend infinity as wavelengths of lights and colors to reflect and refract a perfect dreamscape to play as self and other…when what I am, you are, is really nothing at all.

And this feels like death of all that the character “knows” including the body. And a terrible, yet perfect, aloneness takes the endless breath and throws it beyond the cosmos.

And then there appears a noticing of just how beautiful even the smallest of what is, things, life are and…slowly….or not, it dawns that the beauty is what I am, we are……. and a Love that can never be described nor understood with the brain/mind wraps itself, as the void, as this perfect aloneness.

Words get in the way and miss the essence, the perfume, the pulseless pulse.


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