2017 Classes and Satsangs

Introduction to Mindfulness

October 21, 2017
10am – 12pm

This class acquaints you with the health, productivity, and wellness benefits of noticing the chatter of the thinking mind, while demonstrating the relaxing qualities of tuning into the body’s sensory inputs.

Anita will lead you through simple sensory exercises to soothe the body and open the heart. images-2

If you’re ready to improve concentration, sleep better, reduce stress, and ease suffering, you’ll appreciate this opportunity to experience the peaceful and healing effects of sensing life from the heart. Pre-registration for this class is required and seating is limited.

Register now by calling the nursery and gardens at 919-772-4794 (Monday – Friday between 8am and 5pm, EST)

Very spiritual and healing presentation. I look forward to attending again in the future.
-2015 Mindfulness Workshop Attendee

“Appreciated Anita’s style and serenity.  The message was wonderful and I really enjoyed the content.”  -2016 Mindfulness Workshop Attendee

“Very grounding and pleasant experience.  Nice to be around like-minded individuals.”  – 2016 Mindfulness Workshop Attendee

“I enjoyed being introduced to a new way of experiencing the gardens/nature.”  – 2015 Mindfulness Workshop Attendee


2017 Saturday Satsangs*

Tentative dates – subject to change.  Satsangs held at Anita’s unless noted at Jenny’s.

2:00pm – 3:30pm

January 7  – @ Jenny’s
February 4
March 11  @ Jenny’s
April 1
May 13  @ Jenny’s
June 10
July 1  @ Jenny’s satsang July 1 has been cancelled due to the July 4th holiday weekend.
August 5
September 2  @ Jenny’s
October 14
November 11  @ Jenny’s
December 2

Satsangs at Mindfulness and Nonduality are for ardent pilgrims, for those ready, at all costs, to turn inward and discern the illusory nature of the personal self and reality.  Jenny and Anita facilitate this intense and heart-centered gathering and group inquiry. Directions are here.

Recommended readings: 
Open Secret
– Wei Wu Wei
Perfect Brilliant Stillness – David Carse
Solving Yourself – Yuben de Wu Hsin

Classes and retreats at Mindfulness and Nonduality at Juniper Level Botanic Garden may be recorded. By your attendance, you consent to be recorded and agree that Anita and Tony Avent reserve all rights to this material and its dissemination in any form.


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